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Pickelhaube Pole? Prussia Fussartillerie?

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Hello friends

Who knows which pole should be on that beauty?

Is it a round one for Fussartillerie oder a pointedly one?

If someone sells an orginal one, please send me a PM! Thread diameter 0,55 cm

Thank you


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Hello KDVR!

This one is the helmet of a One-year-volunteer of the field-artillery. I have seen this kind of helmet in the book "Spiked helmets of imperial Germany" (Tony Cowan), page 193.

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I chanced upon this thread by accident but on seeing the photo I realised that I had stored away a helmet exactly the same as the one pictured( Even down to the missing spike) and in immaculate condition. It has been in the Family for many years in Holland and is possibly Family( Delius of Bielefeld, Germany) but we do not know the History. As stated it is immaculate. It has a soft leather inner with green cloth insert which separates to give access to spike.It has a brass fitting down the back of helmet. The roundel on Right side is black and on the left is black but the inner circle is red. The badge is unmarked and not worn or tarnished in anyway. The spike apparently was thrown into a canal in Holland by a female relative who did not want the children to fall on it !!! I would be grateful for any information on it and a likely place where I could obtain a replacement screw in spike.


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