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Well, don't know if this has happened before in the other quizzes. I'd think Gordon would still have the honor of the next question if he wants it as not sure how else to handle it.

But let me ask... is there even interest in continuing the quiz here? I'm happy to do so, but so far it's stalled a couple of times now, and there don't seem to be alot of members jumping in to give it a try. So I need feedback... keep it or shut it down.

I'll stay in a holding pattern till about this time tomorrow night and make a decision then based on any (or lack thereof) feedback on this. :unsure::whistle:

Dan :cheers:

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Hi Dan,

I'm interested, but I think, that it is very unfair to take part here as a German.


I don't feel that way... the reason for the quiz here, as in other areas, is to have fun... and to learn new things. I'm positive you'd be able to come up with some great questions that would keep us on our toes and help us to learn more about this period in German history. Plus, we also hope that more activity here will also promote more activity in the section as a whole.

The only problem is that if only a very few members participate it just doesn't keep things moving as it should and becomes kind of a closed circle which defeats the purpose. We need to get more folks involved and keep up a good pace so as to keep up interest.

I'm hoping to hear more opinions throughout the day. I'm hoping we can keep this going but I definitely need to know that there will be participation and interest. Of course if there's not enough now, perhaps we could postpone it and start i up again in a few months.

In the meantime, I'm staying in a holding pattern and awaiting more feedback.

Many thanks! :beer:

Dan :cheers:

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I've decided to stay open to comments till Friday evening... so far there's only been the one from Uwe. I want to keep it going but if there's not even enough interest for more comments then perhaps it's best to shut it down... at least for now.

But will continue to stay in a holding pattern. Again, if ya'll want to keep this going please... let's hear from you.

I'm also open to any and all suggestions on things to make this section come alive. I've seen that it has now seen the cinema and library sections combined into one... in many ways that's a good idea. But would love to see alot more activity here. So what can we do to make that happen? :whistle:

Dan :cheers:

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Okay, I left this open much longer than I'd originally planned but have only gotten the one comment, so I'm going to assume, at least for now, that the quiz has died on the vine.

If, down the road, folks want to get it going again please let me know and I'll be happy to do so.

Dan :cheers:

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