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Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen......

Earlier today I was visiting a local coin and antique store and was shown an item that I knew a little about and I mean a little.......

I was shown what is proported to be one of the first military medals awarded by one of the early Roman Caesar's ....... That was purchased with a collection of Roman coins.....

There was an article in one of the military collectors journals published in the early to mid 1980’s it described how these were awarded to Roman Soldiers, Centurions etc. to be worn on their uniforms..... They are the circular discs that you see on the breast plates of roman soldiers and this article told about different types and how they were worn....... I remember reading it but cannot remember where......

My question is..... Does anyone remember what journal it was located..... I have a large number of journals from different societies and if I can find it I want to look up more information before I make an offer on it.......


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Alex Laslo wrote "A Short History of Roman Military Decorations" for the OMSA Journal of Jan-Feb 1993 (Vol 44, No.1, pp4-12).

There is also a book on the subject, by Valerie A. Maxfield "Military Decorations of the Roman Army" (Berkeley, CA, 1981). It's an academic work more on the awards system and history than the phalera themselves.

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