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The photo below is of August Müller, It is the best quality I have, unfortunately.

Even knowing exactly what awards he should have, I can't quite figure out the ribbon bar. His awards:

August Friedrich Müller was born on 23.1.1884 in Fahrland, Osthavelland, Preussen. He enlisted in Garde-Maschinengewehr-Abteilung Nr. 1 (G.M.G.A.1) on 13.10.03. Various promotions followed and when World War I began he was a Vizefeldwebel. He was promoted to Offizier-Stellvetreter on 1.12.15 and remained with G.M.G.A.1 throughout the war. He was transferred to Reichswehr Kavallerie-Regiment Nr. 3 on 1.5.19 and commissioned a Leutnant (ohne Patent) on 5.6.19.

Remaining in the Reichswehr mainly with the 4. Reiter-Regiment, he was promoted to Oberleutnant on 15.1.1921 with Patent from 26.11.1916, and to Rittmeister on 1.4.1924. He retired from active duty on 30.4.1926.

He returned to duty in 1933 in the L-Offizierskorps and was promoted to Major a.D. (1.10.34), Major (E) (5.3.35), Major (15.12.38), and Oberstleutnant (1.4.39). Given his age, he wasn't a frontline officer, but served in the Waffenamt. He added the KVK2X on 30.1.43.

On the ribbon bar, I assume 1 through 4 are the EK2, FKE, Austrian Bravery Medal, and Crown Order. Medal. But the last two don't look like DAs (maybe the first, although the color doesn't look right and I don't see any devices). Any thoughts?



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I'm not sure about the date. It looks like a bump in the middle of the shoulder strap, so he is either a Major with a regimental device or an Oberstleutnant. If I'm right about the first four ribbons, the Austrian bravery medal is after the Honor Cross for Combatants, which would make it pre-Anschluss?

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hmmmm.... it looks really odd because N°4 + 5 should then be some kind of long service award (but without a eagle device as I can see) and the crown order medal , so the two ribbons must be one in dark blue and one in cornflower blue but the difference between them is too much for two blue colour types in my eyes.... a bit mysterious :unsure:

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