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Ethiopian Combat Infantry Clasp ?

Chris Boonzaier

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I found these in Ethiopia, I assume a bit older as they have the Lion of Judah on them.

I also assume they had the coulours in them at one stage, butthat they wore off rather fast....

I am guessing that they may be Korean war period, whwn the Ethiopians were serving In Korea next to US trops?

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I have seen these referred to as "Long service/good conduct" badges as well. But I do not know for certain. The regs appear in the Negarata G., but I did not have time last time I was in DC to read beyond 1947 (the institution of the medals for WW2 etc.). They were certainly patterned after the CIB and one must remember that General Westmorland had a powerful influence on the post WW2 Ethiopian army's development. He helped redesign the army uniforms in the early 1950s.

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I am glad to talk to any of you about any Royal Ethiopian items at any time. I'm blessed to have a very large collection and archive on the subject.

The green one at the top is definitely the CIB for the members of Haile Selassie I's Imperial Guard that served in the Korean War. They were the only contingent fighting on either side of that war that didn't lose any wounded or dead personnel to the opposing troops.

The two below with the Lion on them are later issue, for fighting insurgents when Eritrea wanted to be independent again, circa 1960-1962, maker marked by Haile Selassie I's Armenian jeweller and goldsmith in Addis Ababa. Please be in direct touch if and when you have more Ethiopian questions or items available.

Jah-Jim@mindspring.com should work for you.

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Here is my badge from the Eritrea fighting,  I would be grateful if you would translate the Amharic writing on the badge for me.

In post #2 of this thread there are a bronze badge and a silver badge.  Were there two levels to this badge?  





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