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The Commemorative Medal of the Reign of Leopold II


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Hi all,

I picked up that The Commemorative Medal of the Reign of Leopold II.

Like I understand it is 1951 second type issue (1865-1909) but with the incorrect ribbon.

My main question is; how common these second types one are and how much they would cost? I presume around 10-20 euro? In this case I should just get the new one or maybe is possible to pick up the right period ribbon from someone?

Also how much would cost and how common are third type medal (1885-1909) issues.

Just weird that the ribbon is even stiched together and when I picked it up from the junk box, I tought that its the right ribbon for that.

Kind Regards,



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Not really rare. 10-20 Euros would be about right in Belgium. I have never paid more than $15 USD here in the USA but Ebay prices them much higher. I have seen the rare 1885-1909 issue sell here in the USA for around $100 USD. Compared to the 1865-1905 and the 1865-1909, there were not very many made. Wach out for fakes, a frend in Belgium said there were some fake 1885-1909 coming out of Poland back in early 2008.

Here is the info I have on the types:

Medaille Commemorative du Règne de S. M. Léopold II

Instituted July 21, 1905 to commemorate the 40th year of the reign of King Leopold II. The medal was awarded to those who had given 20 years' "good and faithful service" in the civil service or similar administrative departments, and qualified for the Civic Decoration for long service.

The initial issue had the dates 1865 - 1905 on the reverse. In 1951 (allegedly due to pressure from veterans' groups) the award was further extended to Military personnel who had a minimum of one years' good and faithful service between December, 16, 1865 and December 18, 1909.

This second issue had the reverse dates 1865 – 1909. In January 1952 a further extension granted the award to the Police Force (Force Publique) of the Congo Free State - again for one years' good and faithful service between the dates July 1, 1885 and December 18, 1909. (reverse dated 1885 - 1909) Yet two further decrees of 1959 and 1960 removed the one years' service requirement from the latter two types.

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Still have a question about this medal. Some time I found this one, it's a coin with the same measures of the medal. I'm quite sure the suspender has not been removed. I'm wondering what it is?


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The 1865-1905 and 1865-1909 variants.

Anybody know where I can find a 1885-1909 variant and how much they go for?

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