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Catholic Bavarian Monk serving his duty time. The Catholic monks were allowed to wear their robes rather than a unifom if they represented a certain order. I saw the majority of these with Bavarians.

An Orthodox would be a little different in the vestment and cross.

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I would suggest, due to the rope cingel, that he is a member of the "Franciscan family". This family consists of three (male) orders:

- Fraters Minores (O.F.M.)

- Conventuals (O.F.M.C.)

- Capuchins (O.F.M.Cap.)

All male and female members of Franciscan orders can be recognized by the white rope (cingel) with three knots in the loose end, round the waist.

The males all wear a brown cloak, with minor details differing between the 3 orders.

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