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The dependable "Fox" puttees

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Established in 1772, Fox Brothers and Company were a well known woollen and worsted cloth manufacturers who were based in the United Kingdom.

The early manufacturing of items were established in the sheep farming areas. The initial start was a "cottage-based" industry that employed approximately 450 personnel and this was followed by a "FOX" large mill in Devon which was established in 1799 and this facility was only closed in 1981. The company's products were desptached locally by horse drawn cart and internationally by sail from the Devonshire Port of Topham.

The company manufactured a serge drape mixture which became known as "khaki". This was approved in 1900 by the Prince of Wales and vast supplies of the cloth were provided during the Anglo-Boer War. This product eventually led to the "demise" of the well-known British "redcoat". The cloth was also used to make the puttee. The company began to increasingly focus on fabrics for the British military. 30000 yards of cloth were supplied per week to support the Anglo-Boer War efforts.

During WW1, approximately 8000 miles of cloth were provided to both the British and the other Allied forces.

852 miles of cloth was then used to make puttees!

The puttee is a cloth strip that is wound around the leg, usually from the ankle to the knee to be used as a legging. Shorter versions were also worn. The name is adopted from the Hindi word patti and means/implies bandage.

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Yes, and also the fact that it is in very good condition.

I have various types and examples on mannequins but this is the first complete set with its label that I have sourced in South Africa.



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