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What Insignia and Uniform did Garde Infanterie Rgt. 7 wear?

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Dear Gentlemen,

the granduncle of a friend of mine was in Garde Infanterie Regiment 7 and died in Verdun in 1916.

For this unit seems to be newly formed when war broke out I can not find it in the Books I have relating uniforms and Insignia.

So my question is does anyone of you know:

What Shoulderboads did they wear and what Specials on Uniform did they use?

Thanks for your answer

best regards


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Hi Forseti,

you already have the regimental history or you can't find it in a book about german-tunics!?

The regimental history (PDF-file on CD-ROM) you will find here: Artikel-Nr.: 1185 Titel: Garde Infanterie Regiment Nr. 7 Preis: 5 €

Title: „Das 7. Garde-Infanterie-Regiment im Weltkrieg 1914-1918." (see: Literatur): GER 2 – GenWiki

;) Best regards,


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Hi Foresti!

They haven´t had something special. The regiment was raised at 1st of august 1915. Do you know, when he exactly died in 1916? The regiemnt normally belonged to the Garde-Ersatz-Division. But in 1916 it was temprally under command of the 19th Res.Div. (3.6.16-11.6.16) and under command of the VII.Res.Corps (9.12.16-20.12.16)

The staff, the I. and II.Btl. were under command of the VII.Res.Corps (15.11.16-23.11.16)

The II. Btl. under command of the 14th bav.Inf.Div. (19.8.16-26.8.16)

The III.Btl. under command of the VII.Res.Corps (23.11.16-2.12.16)

(Recourse: Handbuch und Verbände des deutschen Heeres 1914-1918 by Jürgen Kraus)

The regiment had at the o7/10 tunic: brandenburgish cuffs, nickel-buttons, old-prussian Litzen, citron-yellow pipings at the shoulder-straps. Like all Foot-guards units NO number or chyphre on the shoulder straps

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Kir and prussian!

Thank you very much for your information.

Yes we know his grave also. We were just wondering what uniforms his unit wore. Again thank you very much for the information!P

P.S. Schon lustig wenn Landsleute sich auf Englisch unterhalten ;)

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