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Basic knowledge about Kris


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Hi Gentlemen, this is the basic knowledge about Kris, hope you enjoy it.. :cheers:

Definition (taken from wikipedia with my edit):

The kris or keris is a traditional dagger indigenous to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Brunei. It is also known as Curigo in Java and kalis in the southern Philippines. The kris is famous for its distinctive wavy blade, but many have straight blades as well. Both a weapon and spiritual object, kris are often considered to have an essence or presence, with some blades possessing good luck and others possessing bad.

In 2005, UNESCO gave the title Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity to the kris of Indonesia. In return, UNESCO urged Indonesia to preserve their heritage.

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is an ornament or motif found on the blade (Kris, Spear,

Swords, Wedung and others). This decoration was established not because of carved or 'diserasah' (Inlay) or coated, but because the forging technique which brings together several different metallic elements.

This pamoring technique was until now only controlled by the master on Indonesia and

surrounding it (Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines and Thailand)

Outside the Indonesia and surrounding areas are usually only known technique just like the sword of Inlay like Iran or any other European country, so even though the arts (art) looks beautiful but the impression of "Wingit"(supernatural charisma) its not there at all.

It is also possible to master the basic region of the archipelago (particularly Java) that processes

mixing various metals so beautiful pamor and high artistic merit.

This prestige material by most authors from the Nickel said of the material, but this one

altogether because it is based on research by Mr.. Haryono Aroembinang MSc (late) and

some experts in BATAN Yogyakarta obtained evidence that the material is titanium, a material

New in the 20th century used as a coating material space vehicles, but our masters have used all along. This is explained as follows, when the meteor entered the atmosphere

earth then most of the materials copper, iron, nickel, lead, brass fire destroyed and only

titanium which lasted until the earth. The raw material is made from a meteor prestige formerly contained so kris ancient earth contains a lot of titanium and weighs lightly.

Renowned pamor of the Luwu, South Sulawesi, which was brought by traders from Bugis.

Most famous materials for Pamor is the Pamor of Prambanan, it's currently at the Kraton Surakarta given name Kanjeng Kyai Pamor and its size is now only about 60x60x80 cm since been widely used to make Kris of the palace.

After the meteorite materials hard to come by, then Nickel material used, so that the keris is currently weights heavier..

-source: from a friend-

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5. DAPUR: shortly defined as shape of the blade

there are 2 main type of Dhapur: Lurus (straight) and Luk (wavy)-accoring to the Keraton (Royal Palace), maximumLuk that allowed is 13 waves, but outside there, there are many Luk 17,19,and above

Here Dapur Lurus:

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Hi - Windu. Should any member wish to start their own Kris armoury, they now have all the info. - interesting. What I have noticed - and your illustration on Page 1 shows it clearly with the different means of carrying a Kris - is how the Indonesian Islands moved away from the other South East Asian Countries. Obviously Malaya uses the Kris - but, Thailand,Burma and most of the other areas used a longer weapon - which was usually carried down the small of the back for an easy 'sweep' down. I wonder why - do you think it has anything to do with the fact that both are Muslim countries ? In fact

Indonesia is the largest Muslim group in the World.

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