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Luftsperr-Abteilungen had unmanned balloons that could be up 2500 metres and had thin wires hanging from them. Because of this, bombing units had to fly around of these or over them, which made precise bombing during the night more difficult.

There were 9 Luftsperr-Abteilungen in the border area and 1 in the 5th Army area.

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Apparently the balloons or kites were put up in a circle around the area that was to be defended (usually industrial areas). They were not that effective though.

Luftsperr-Abteilung 1: Saargebiet

Luftsperr-Abteilung 2: bei Esch

Luftsperr-Abteilung 3: bei Kneuttingen

Luftsperr-Abteilung 4: bei Rombach

Luftsperr-Abteilung 5: bei Leverkusen

Luftsperr-Abteilung 6, 7 and 8: Saargebiet

Luftsperr-Abteilung 9: bei Worringen

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Hello AOK4,

your info on the respective areas of the Luftsperr-Abteilungen ist very interesting, as I am currently researching air raids and airplane crashes during WW I in the Saar. So, if possible, can you please give me the source(s) of this information? Thank you very much.

Best regards, Stefan

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My information comes from: Cron, Hermann. Die Organisation des deutschen Heeres im Weltkriege. Forschungen und Darstellungen aus dem Reichsarchiv Heft 5. Berlin, 1923.



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