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MIC search, possibly Indian

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I'm trying to work out the nationality of a soldier awarded the BWM.

The rank is (Ftr.) fitter and the unit IWT (Inland Water Transport) and the name is Singho.

I could only find one man with that surname on the NA site, a Pte. in the Ceylon Sanitary Company.

Any help is very much appreciated.



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Hi - Tony, I was hoping that a member might have been able to help with details of this man ? I will tell you what I know of the Inland Water Transport.

They were set-up in the 1st WW to take advantage of the excellent French network of canals and rivers. Men were brought in from many different places - the main requirement being that they had experience with boats on inland waterways. The idea was very succesful and helped to move supplies and ammunition - in bulk - around the fighting areas. I had the medals at one time to a major in this unit.

When General Allenby moved our Middle East Army into Palestine and Mesopotamia , this major was promoted Lt. Col. and set-up a similar operation on the waterways of the Middle-East. He married an Australian nurse and I had pictures of their wedding in Cairo - with a line of the boatmen all holding oars ! Between them they held 6 MID's. The medal groups have long gone - and unfortunately, I cannot remember his name.

Anyway - that's a 'potted' history of the unit. Contact the Imperial War Museum - they should be able to help. Mervyn

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British forces in France included both the Chinese Labour Corps and Maltese labourers so it woudln't be at all surprising if a waterways unit included what were referred to in the period as "Lascars" - sea-going labourers from India and other places in the East.

'Singho' certainly has the sound of a South Asian name rendered by an English enlistment/employment clerk! Largely unsung in history, such men did invaluable work, alongside the RA Service Corps, railway troops and other support units. Interesting medal!


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Thank you both for your replies.

I will try to get to the bottom of this medal only it may take a while.

It actually came with another I was after, in fact there were 3 in total, an AIF casualty BWM to a swede, the one to Pte. Singho and another to a Gunner.


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Hello Michael,

Thanks for that and I'd say we've nailed his nationality.

I've since found 12 (I think) members of the Royal Navy (Ceylon Mine Clearance) with the same name. I don't think I'll find anymore information on him but haven't given up hope yet.

Simeon also crops up as a crew member many times between the wars on voyages to the US.


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