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Chris - I hope you won't mind me posting two items of British Trench Art - afterall, it was the same War and both sides made some really attractive items.

Trench art as we know it, really started in the Boer War (1899-1902) when the troops were static for long periods. I think it was the boredom of the trenches that got men to make things.

These two small items were made quite separately and in different places - but, both make use of exactly the same materials. Shows how effective 'word of mouth' can be.

They are petrol lighters and make use of a large nut - weld overcoat buttons on both sides and you have the body. Add a wick - with a little brass cover against rain - and a wheel and flint - and you're in business.

I have always suspected that the Base Workshops were used to make them - and they were probably sold onto the troops.

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Hello Chris,

Great idea for a post. Please allow me to post a few images of a rather interesting Taube ("Dove") Monoplane.

Sir Mervyn,

Jolly good trench Lighter of the Royal Engineers! Artifacts such as these are historic in their own right.

Kind regards,


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Wow Chris! These are very creative and very attractive. In post #12, the corner cartridges appear to have been intended to hold candles. The cigar Cutter is a scream. Three very unique and useful artifacts. Thanks for sharing!


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