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Hello all I just received 2 Photo albums that belonged to a leading seaman Gerog Meinert of S.M.S. Scharnhorst 1910-1913. Here is one of the more interesting photos - can anyone identify the medals on the board? Cheers Captain Albert

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hi Captain Albert,

based on the text I think, that you can see here some phantasy decorations, belonging to the crossing-the-line ceremony.

"Ein Bild von der Linientaufe: Neptun mit seinem Gefolge. [Linientaufe = Äquatortaufe]

Reise Labuan - Batavia, 13. Jan. 13"


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Yes, I see that now.

At first half-second glance it looks like Aborigines, but the features are wrong and clearly the other "characters" have cartoon beards and costumes too.

There are many who have forgotten more about "crossing the line" than I know, but to us Landlubbers, it refers to initiation ceremony for new sailors who have sailed far enough south to cross the equator, and into the realm of Neptune.

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