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Mervyn Mitton

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One of the strengths of a forum such as GMIC is the future stability of the posted material. We all know what a British Infantry Officer's sword looks like - this 1897 pattern has been the standard for 113 years ! However, Monarch's change - different Wars it would be used-in etc..

This is 2nd World War and has the cypher of King George the V1th. This is not as common as you might think - many officer's had the George Vth. from the 1st World War and who had reigned until 1935. George 6th. came to the throne in Dec. 1936 and died in 1952.

Unusually, there is no maker's mark and along the spine is the etching 'Made in England'. I feel that perhaps some were made quickly for the new officers'. Fortunately, the frog and knot are still present - it is actually a nice sword.

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Very nice sword Mervyn. I've only seen one other (I used to collect swords) and it was in the house of an antiques dealer. I asked if she would consider selling it and she said no as it had belonged to her later husband. She then proceeded to show me his complete uniform which included all of the leather bits for the scabbard etc. That was many years ago and considering her age then I am sure the uniform and sword have both gone to collectors long ago.



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