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unknown mid 1800's shoulder paddles--Saxon? Any ideas?

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These came with 2 late 1800's German tunics, and another set of brass boards...I had a Saxon WWI Uhlan tunic which carried paddles that looked vaguely like this, does anyone know what these are, or if they are in fact NOT German? The border, as you may have guessed, is a snake sort of thing with little heads at the ends. Very odd, and from the manufacture and button they appear to be circa 1840-60 period. Thanks in advance.

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Okay, it should be the Mod. 1850 Epauletts.

If the colour is "Krapprot" the silver metal part would make them Cavalry (3. Kürassier or 1. or 2. or 3. Ulanen or 1. or 2. Chevaulegers Regiment).

If it is a darkend Ponceaurot it might also be Infantry but I don't think so.

Hope this helps.

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Of course !

"Dienst- und Rangabzeichen der Offiziere und Beamten der Königlich Bayerischen Armee 1806-1918"

by Walter Seibold and Gerd M. Schulz

ISBN 3-00-017435-4

published 2005 but the publishing house (Bayerischer Militärverlag Gerd M. Schulz) is no longer existing.

The remaining stock was sold of 3 or 4 years ago.

The book is still available in Germany by some shops... I guess it costs about 49 Euro - 174 pages, hundreds of illustrations, most in colour !



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