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Soldier with Anhalt Friedrich Kreuz

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I have tried to find out how many of these crosses was awrded but , the only thing I can read in Books is that they are quite few :unsure:

Kleitmann says 183 awarded in 1916-17 if I remember right ?

I have a Militaerpass to a soldier from Inf Rgt 361 and he got a cross in 1915.

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Only 183 in 1916-17?

I have other numbers:

Friedrichskreuz 2. Klasse am Kämpferband: ca. 18’000 – 20’000

Friedrichskreuz 2. Klasse am Nichtkämpferband: ca. 700 – 800

Aha , They probably awarded a lot during the last years . Then the Anhalt Kreuz isnt so scarce at al, more like Hamburg Kreuz then.

Now Its easier to pay right price for one ;)

Thanks Claudio

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