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A soldier from past but the Regiment still fights on


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Here is a new card in my collection , a proud French soldier from the Great war , with two medals on his chest and a shooting award

cord ? He is in the 152 th Infantry regiment in Colmar and the photo is dated 1936.

Now the same regiment is fighting in another war far away from Verdun, Ypres and Somme.

The 152th are now in Afghanisthan if I´m correct, and maybe the shadow of this hard eyed fighter is looking over their shoulder.


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Additional infos of the regiment.

In 1914 their garisson was at Géradmer (2 companies at Bruyères)

They were under command of

81. Brigade (41.Division - august 14)

81. Brigade (66.Division - december 14)

164.Division (from november 16)

The germans called the regiment "Le régiment du diable" (Devil´s regiment), their official name was "Les diables rouge" (The red devils)

The regiment earned the "Croix de chevallier de la Légion d´Honneur", they have 6 registrations in the order of the army, one registration in an order of the army-corps and the "fourragère rouge" (Red aiguilette")

On their flag one see: Alsace 1914-1915 ; La Somme 1916, L´Aisne 1917-1918, L´Ourcq 1918, Roulers 1918.

There were two regimental histories. One about the great war (96 pages, came out 1919), and a bigger one from 1994 with 387 pages

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Ummmm...if he were a veteran of 1914-18, wouldn't he have more medals? Is that the overseas/colonial medal he is wearing? Any chance he is a post war veteran of only Lebanon etc.?


its the Verdun medal.

The regiment was more famous for its fighting on the hartmannsweilerkopf, their monument is there...

See here for some related stuff (bottom of the page)


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