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Second Sonderfuhrer Tunic Just In

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Thanks guys. I love these because they are so hard to find( I have the two I have ever heard of ) and they are not desired by anyone, so the odds are that they are not faked and very inexpensive.

A Sonderfuhrer is a man who is brought into the Luftwaffe at a certain pay scale because of technical training or education that is needed by the service. Although these men are uniformed, they were not considered to hold a soldier's status. I think of them more along the lines of uniformed GS workers in the US.

Although they had officer and NCO rankings, they were little more than payscales that were equivelant to the training the service needed. Regardless of their paygrades, they carried no command or authority over soldiers(LW or any other branch) or one another.

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Here is a link to an informative thread I started a few years back, which explains things in a little more depth.


You will see the NCO tunic, as well as a bunch of different collar tabs and etc.



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