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Sometimes I get more pleasure looking at a collection of different things, then I do with a complicated post. Perhaps it's because I don't have to get too involved. This is such a small collection - all South African in origin - even if the Italian pieces were taken from Italian P.O.W.'s.

This first shooting Shield was created by the Cape Shooting Association in the early years of the 20th Century - I think there is probably a large shield and these smaller ones were awarded to each year's champion. Unless this is the main Shield and he won it outright ? He was a shottist with the Durban Light Infantry in the early 1930's - you will see his name on most of the awards. He may even be responsible for taking the war souvenirs if he was fighting in WW2 - I can't remember if they all came-in together.

The Shield is hall marked silver and has a lovely designs, including rifles and Zulu spears. The Arms are for Cape Province.

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The two outer spoons are for Durban Light Infantry - you will see their mongram at the top . The motto 'Primus in Africa' is

Latin for First in Africa - the two animals are Blue Wildebeeste - the animal logo for Natal. The bowls of the spoons are gilded.

The middle spoon was for an earlier date and for shooting at Durban High School for Boys. All for the same person - his name is on the reverse.

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The medal clearly shows that it was for service in Eritrea - and not Ethiopia. The Roman Fasces are on both sides - these were carried in front of Roman magistrates and showed that he had the right to order floggings (the rods) - with the axe , it meant the right to order execution.

The Italians used to have medals at State level and at Regimental level - this is for the latter.

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Mike that is quite amazing - so, it confirms that there was a larger one - or does it, perhaps they made one for each year. They seem to be identical, apart from the spears behind the shields on mine.

These co-incidences always surprise me - one happened today. I had posted under Awards on our section an Officer's Decoration with Edward 7th. Cypher. There was a name on the reverse of the box - however, he wouldn't have been entitled to such an early and discontinued award.

Today - his Granddaughter joined the Forum ! I was really thrilled that we were able to be of help.


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You have a real talent for attracting interesting items. Thanks for sharing these.

The shield comes from the Cape Colony National Rifle Asociation, formed in May 1905

to replace the SA Wimbledon Association, which had fallen away during the Anglo-Boer War.

I see that the 'small print' at the bottom identifies it as the Inter-Colonial Grand Challenge Shield.

If Gaydon won it in the 1930s, the shield must have been taken over by whichever organisation

superseded the CCNRA after Union - perhaps the SA Bisley Association.

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Mervyn, you do indeed have a knack for coming up with great and unusual pieces. I especially LOVE :love: :love: the Jubilee fob and also quite like the Italian Eagle. But they're all great!

Being a pocket watch collector and user of same I'm going to have to try to find one of those fobs to wear with one of my watches... a great piece! Thanks for sharing! :beer:

Dan :cheers:

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This set of silver shooting spoons has just been re-mounted - they had been forgotten on a back shelf. They are very

early Rhodesian and are rare - they date between 1900 and about 1914. Remeber the first Pioneer Column only went into Rhodesia in 1890 !

They are mostly for a town called Gwelo - which must have had a small population. All were made in Birmingham , UK and most are for women shooting contestans. You will see early women shottists in the enamel.

Would any other members like to add to shooting trophies ?

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