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I am seeking your help in finding pictures for an article I am writing.

I need pictures of the following Soviet generals of a high enough resolution (300DPI) for publication. I have some pics but none are of the minimum required resolution.

Chief Marshal of Artillery Mitrofan Nedelin

Admiral Sergei Gorshkov

Admiral Nikolai Kuznetsov

Army General Andrei Khrulev

Army General Vasilii Margelov

Major-General Alexander Alexandrov

Major-General Boris Alexandrov

Army General Alexander Komarovskii

Colonel-General Vladimir Pikalov

Colonel-General Vladimir Dutov

ANY HELP WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!! Proper credit will be given for any pic used.

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No-one said it'd be easy. However I have found the people who run certain sites to be very helpful from time to time. I also think that you will find low res scans on websites when they at times have much better quality scans on their hard drives!

If there is anyone else who can help Frank out in anyway whatsoever, I am sure he'll be most appreciative.

Jim :cheers:

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I found all I needed except for Colonel-General Vladimir Dutov. I found 2 that are pitifully small and blurry.

This guy is so difficult to find you'd think he was head of some covert KGB sub department! Heck, he was a bean counter working in financial services. Bean counter might be overly simplistic but still...

Any possible help out there?

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