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Békéért jelvény; (For Peace badge)

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Békéért jelvény; (For Peace badge) This badgel was instituted in October 1969 by the National Peace Council (Országos Béketanács) It was awarded to people who worked actively in Hungarian and international peace movements and made contributions for peace, socialism, solidarity and friendship between nations. It was awarded from 120 to 200 people a year on the 9th of May. The international peace movement probably refers to the World Peace Council which was, from the start, alleged to be a front organization of Communist Parties.

I've posted pictures of this badge from my collection some time ago. Now, however, I would like to post pictures of one of these badges that was presented to an East German who occupied a senior position in that government. The name of the individual is not available for publication. The badge and document are not part of my collection but the current owner was kind enough to allow me to post them here. The document was of particular interest because it is an DDR FDJ (youth) document with a stamp of the Országos Béketanács on it.

First up a picture of the entire group of medals and award documents. The Békéért jelvény is in the centre of the front row. Interestingly enough it is in a beige case. The badges in my collection, and those in other collections I have seen, were only in blue or grey. The blue cases had a plain top while the grey ones had a Peace Dove on them. This biege case is reported to have the Peace Dove on the exterior of the top as well.



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