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Please help to identify two Saxon medals

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I assume this vet wears the following awards:

1. Die Verdienstmedaille in Silber (?)

2. Silberne Medaille "Fuer Treue in der Arbeit" or Medaille fuer Lebensrettung (?)

3. Kriegsdenkmuenze 1870/71 fuer Kombattanten with 4 battle clasps

4. Zentenarmedaille

5. Certain miniature (?)

Please have a closer look and let me know what are the two first medals to complete identification!

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It is very difficult ot say, the picture is too blury but it is possible that the first ribbon is for the long service and the second one for the medal "Treue in der Arbeit".

For me it can be the live saving medal. It should be in the first place not in the second one


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