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British Colonial Navy Lt still living in Iraq from WWII

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  • 11 months later...

I met the guy in Baghdad,Iraq during '05-06. He lived with his daughter in a Christain house in the sector next to the former Ministry of Intelligence, the turned into a Forward Operating Base. He (I forgot his name, will have to check my journal), was stationed somewhere in Iraq a litle prior to WW2 and eventually as the war came to the Middle East. He fought the Germans. He met an Armenian woman and ended up marrying her. After his service time ended, he stayed in Iraq and raised his family. When Iraq won their independance, he became a citizen and lost a son in the Iran-Iraq War. He stated that his family roamed around Iraq for some years and eventually settled into a Christain Muhallah that was located next to the MOI. He witnessed the Persian Gulf War and the Invasion. His house ended up being sevelry damage as a result of Coalition Airstrikes in 2003, but stayed place because of the safety of his Muhallah. My unit met his daughter and she invited us to his home to try to help rebuild his house, which we did. After our tour, we lost track of him, but he became good friends with my Battlaion Commander.

I really need to find his name; I am sure that will help with the research.

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That I don't remember. I am thinking maybe Armenian since he was christain. Maybe Kurdish. He spoke good English, Arabic, Farsi, and German. It was a long time ago, but I am still tryin to find the story in my files. The story says it all.

Assyrian is a possibility, as many of them are Christians. When the Iraqis tried to take R.A.F. Station Habbiniyah in 1941, it was in part due to the heroism of the Assyrian Levies that the British were able to hold out.


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What a fascinating story - thank you (belatedly) for bringing it to us. It is always interesting to read of these forgotten human remnants of Empire - they crop up in the most surprising of places.

(I forgot his name, will have to check my journal) ... I really need to find his name; I am sure that will help with the research.

Am I alone in thinking that, bearing in mind the precarious existence of Christians in Iraq, it might be best if his name continues to be 'forgotten', at least as far as the Internet is concerned? Unless, of course, it is published elsewhere, in which case any potential damage is already done.

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Fascinating story! Your title says "Navy Lieut." Was he? If that is him in the picture that doesn't look very "naval". RAF Levies perhaps? Did you see any medals? Maybe he's got a RAF Levies LSGC or GSM bar "Southern Desert Iraq" floating around somewhere?!


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