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Hello gentlemen!

I need help to baptize this brave lieutenant.

He wears the uniform of the 5.Grenadier-Regiment and he owns the Galipolli-star.

Is there a chance to find out his name?


Thanks a lot in advance

Gren.Rgt. 5 (Leutnant, Eiserner Halbmond).JPG

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I got him!!!!!!!

It´s Lt. Robert Evert.

In the ranklist of 1913 I found, that Lt. Evert was a knight of the saxon Albrecht-ordre, that we find next to the EK AND 1914 he used to be in the seminar for oriental languages! That fits to the Gallipoli star.

Unfortunately he died as an Oberleutnant 1915 in Russia.



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Hej. Is his Gallipoli star placed according to regulation? It seem to me hanging way too low, almost on his belly. I think if he had to ride a horse, the belt would push on the star, so it doesn't look practical either. 

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I'm not sure his attachment to the Seminar for oriental languages is of any significance. He attended the seminar prior to a planned transfer to the Schutztruppen für Kamerun. It would appear that this never happened as both his transfer and posting back to Grenadier-Regiment Nr. 5 are published in the Militär-Wochenblatt by 3rd August 1914.




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