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Nadezhda Durova - First known Russian Female Officer


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Hi Collin... many thanks. It's a quote from The Blue Max which I actually had to paraphrase so it would fit. It's the scene between Hauptmann Heidemann and Gneral Von Klugermann in the General's office in Berlin:

General Count von Klugermann: Take a look outside. See that? Revolution is just beneath the surface! If that happens, everything we stand for will be DESTROYED - unless the German officer corps stands like a rock, intact! And what is more important, untarnished. I made this Stachel into a national hero for good military reasons. If I court-martial him now, it will reflect on the integrity of the whole officer corps.

Otto Heidemann: Herr General, I see now, I have notions of honor which are outdated.

General Count von Klugermann: Ahh, they're not outdated!


General Count von Klugermann: Stored. With care, and love, for better times.

One of my favorite scenes from the film. I tried to find the scene online but didn't have any luck, nor could I find any stills online from the scene. But my avatar is Hauptmann Heidemann from the film... actually it's a drawing one of the members (Barry) made for me back in September of 2007. :beer:

Here's my original from the film:

Dan :cheers:

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