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Queen's Boer War pick up

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Hello all. I do not really collect British anymore, but got this Boar War Medal at an antique show in Loeta, CA. It is named to 16515 Pte. W. G. Card R.A.M. C. Since I have been out of the British collecting for a while can anyone give me any information on Mr. Card, and the value of the Medal. It is in extra fine condition except edge knock at 5:30. Thanks Cheers Captain Albert

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The reason I ask is that the rim at the tip near the suspension is thick and near the bottom is quite thin and I think that it may be an officially re-named medal..... This could have had an effect on the value but in this case not..... I would think that it is about $175.00 as it is a corps and not a regimental unit.....

Finding information on him would have to be through the National Archives in Kew by a professional researcher......


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Captain Albert - I'm afraid that I do agree with Mike - there is a thinning of the edge from top to bottom. However, the medal has very nice patination -

the bars have just come-up - two Provinces and 1902 - so he was a late joiner. You're asking about 120 pounds, which I wouldn't regard as unreasonable. Also, the ribbon is original. Mervyn

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