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Apologies if this is basic or the wrong place for this question but is there anywhere on line that I can search to establish exactly where a German unit were on a specific day in France during WWI - as war diaries for British and French?

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Chris..The query arises from owning a few death cards that give dates and units etc and often a vague description as you know but I wondered if a more precise location was possible to be found somewhere. Examples George GERSTL 13th Inf Regt 9 Komp killed on 3rd August 1916 in an attack at Verdun....Franz RESCH 24th Bavarian Inf Rgt killed at Verdun 12th June 1916....Florian ANGERSTORER Bavarian Inf Regt killed at Verdun 10th November 1917 (Buried Damvillers) These are but a few and it would interesting for me to research more if possible. Thanks as always

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there are a number of sources, this may be a start for you...


as it shows the Verdun battle days and units involved.

You can download the history of the German divisions online as well. it is not without error, but is still an essential work, and free.

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I am guessing I need to find out about Divisions and regiments before I get started. One of my cards is for a soldier from 13th Inf Rgt "killed in an attackat verdun" 1916 and they don't seem to have been at verdun at the time according to the list. maybe "verdun" is a general term for the larger region? he is buried at hautecourt-les-Brovilles

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Hi Brianch,

maybe this book is what you need!? Kriegskalender des Deutschen Heeres ... - Gustav Goes, Hermann Cron - Google Books

Gustav Goes, Hermann Cron: "Kriegskalender des Deutschen Heeres 1914 - 1918"

... or this book: Die schlachten und gefechte des ... - Prussia (Kingdom). Armee. Grosser Generalstab - Google Books

"Die Schlachten und Gefechte des Grossen Krieges 1914-1918". See sample-pages!

Best regards, ;)


... this is also a good source: The German forces in the field

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