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Fighting Knife Badges

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Good evening all :)

I have these badges in my colelction which I am trying to identify. In my Collectors Blog, Mervyn has suggested they are of Middle Eastern style and perhaps WW2 Royal Marine Commando, most likely not official issue. As I really should be psoting here rather than in the blog area, and I suspect mroe of you will read it here anyway, can anyone give any further comment on these?

The badges are almost 5cm in length (4.8 to be exact) and have two loops on the back with a split pin.



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Tracy - I will make this the definitive page for answering your question on the lapel pin. This - as we thought - is of a British pattern commando fighting knife - used in the Middle East. This is shown by the up-swept blade. Arab daggers tend to have this shape as they stab under the ribcage to reach the heart.

The purpose of the lapel pin would have been to identify members of the commando when not in uniform - or, perhaps as old comrades when they were discharged.

We had three patterns of commando knives with knuckledusters and the US had two. However, you must remember that the Fairburn Sykes was the standard commando dagger and did not have attachments.

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Thankyou so much for this information. Somehow I had missed these replies.... I have not had as much time as I had hoped to commit to sorting and identifying Harry's badges, but the informatio here, even just browsing through old posts has given me such a good start.

Please don't mistake my lack of reponse for lack of gratitude


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Sorry Mervyn, I only have a basic book on British badges (coloured drawings) the size is right, and it looks cast, which is OK for middle east (bazzar) made badges. Remember that most, if not all British badges have been copied, first from the original dies, then new dies when the old finally wore out. The rough look of Tracys is a plus. I would assume that a modern copy would be die struck, but I don't know exactly. There may be a load of fakes to see on e-bay!



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Hi guys,

Thanks for the info. I would be certain that these are originals.... We inherited them with a whole heap of other badges and I know they have been stashed away in a box since Pop's return from the war. He was not a collector or enthusiast, he just 'picked up' a lot of things while he was there. Still trying to find the time to sort them all out.....getting there :)

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"Stashed away since the war" are the magic words collectors want to hear! "Provenance" is the technical term. As Pete pointed out, copies of anything Commando / Special Forces / 'elite unit' stuff are legion. So, rough texture - locally produced, a.k.a. 'bazaar made' - is good and so is the fact that you're dad brought them home and kept them. If you can persuade buyers of this, they may make you a few bucks when/if you decide to sell.


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I recently posted on Brit. Medals a group - under 'Superb group.....' This came-in with a

variety of small items. Between the wars he had been a mounted constable with Essex - for

WW2 we are not sure what he did. However, amongst these items was this miniature lapel

pin - looks like a Fairburn-Sykes - althought he grip has been set in polished stones.

I have never seen a model Fairburn-Sykes and coming at the same time as this Middle East

Commando dagger, it would seem that they used these for identification. I hope we can take

these posts to a conclusion.

http://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_03_2012/post-6209-0-28495300-1332163267.jpgCLICK TO ENLARGE

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