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... and here's a medal bar coming from your collection that I bought from you (thanks again for the sweet deal :P:beer: ).

Medals' description:

? Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse (OEK 1909)

? Silberne Medaille Verdienst im Kriege 1914 (OEK 2833)

? Ehrenkreuz f?r Frontk?mpfer (OEK 3803)

? Schlesisches Bew?hrungsabzeichen ?Schlesicher Adler?, 1. Stufe, bruniert (OEK 3299)

? Preussen, DA 2. Modell, 1913-1920, 1. Klasse f?r den Soldatenstand nach 15 Dienstjahren (OEK 1974)

? Polizei-DA, 2. Stufe f?r 18 Jahre (OEK 3527)

The very odd thing about this bar is that the Silesian Eagle is a nice 1st class piece mounted as it was 2nd class.

Medal bar, obverse and reverse for your enjoyment.



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Oh yeah. There was a superb 4-place Frack in Germany last week with the 4th. Kl. Cross, no swords in last place. Had it on my "watch list" but he canceled the bids and closed the auction. it was memorable as the 3rd. place order had been stripped off. First Place was a NC EK2, next a Prussian Red Cross Third Class, blank and then the Schwarzburg cross. We suspect the missing piece was a Sax-Weimar White Falcon 1st. (!!!).

I wonder where that bar disappeared to?

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