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Stolen George Medal Returned

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Here is a good news story:

A George Medal stolen from Portsmouth's D-Day Museum has been posted through the door of the city council's leader. The medal, along with a badge from the 1936 Berlin Olympics, was taken from a locked display case earlier this month. The stolen George Medal was awarded to William Henry Daysh, the first person in Portsmouth to receive the civilian bravery honour. Read the complete article here: http://www.bbc.co.uk...pshire-15396782


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It would be nice to think that the thief/thieves had qualms of conscience but I suspect the real answer is that the fuss stirred up in the press - I assume there was a lot of publicity - persuaded him/them that they'd get caught trying to flog the medal. However, they're back, which is the good news! Hope the lenders aren't going to take all their treasures home!


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