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Dear forumites,

I just wanted to inform you that unfortunately this Bavarian 7-placed medal bar has been stolen on his way by mail (Hermes) from Germany to Sweden.

The package was opened and resealed with another tape color. I immediately knew that something was wrong when I got the package in my hands, because it felt so strangely light. I already panicked to the thought that this wonderful bar in pristine conditions might have been stolen, since I also noticed the strange tape, different from the one underneath it.

I post the pictures (front and back) of this bar here, just in case that somebody sees it reappearing on the internet or market.

Hopefully this bar hasn't been already cannibalized... the only consolation is that if also the thieve sells medal by medal, he won't capitalize to much on his crime.



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This is not good and I am sorry about your loss.

I would like to suggest that you post your information on this in “The Lounge” . For all we know, the same thing could have happened to collectors in other areas of interest - a pattern might emerge. Also it would alert many others to be on watch; again, this kind of thing does not happen to Imperial German collectors only.

Good luck my friend,

Wild Card

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Hello Claudio,

I am so sad to hear of the loss of this beautiful medal bar. :( This one has to be the cleanest original bar that I have ever seen and the thought of this gem being in the hands of some thief outrages me. :angry: Wherever my travels take me, I will keep a sharp lookout for this bar.



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