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Leutnant d. R. Walther Kühn (1894-1918)

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Hi everybody,

Here is a photo of Leutnant d.R Walther Kühn (1894-1918) who served in the IR Nr. 104 and he was awarded the following awards :

- knight cross of St Henry

- gold medal of St Henry

- silver medal of St Henry

- knight cross 2nd cl with X of Albert

- iron cross 2nd class

- Lippe war merit cross

- iron cross 1st class

Here is the photo of our man


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Recently the medal bar of Kühn has been sold. Here is the photo from database, the bar doesn't belong to me, too bad. If the owner of this medal bar is here, please let me know and don't hesitate to show close upf of medals.


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This guy was taken prisoner in Wevelgem (where I live) an died as a prisoner. He is buried in Lyssenthoek Military Cemetery.

(May I ask where you got the pic? The book of the Goldene Militär-St-Heinrichs-Medaille has a smaller pic)

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Look here: http://www.hermann-historica.de/auktion/hhm58.pl?f=NR&c=94625&t=temartic_A_D&db=kat58_a.txt

The medal bar was sold for only 3.300 euros two years ago!!!! If you think of the uniqueness of the combination, it is a bargain... (especially if you compare this to a Victoria Cross or something similar...) Unbelievable...

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