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RN WWII C.G.M. on ebay

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I have never seen something like this come up on ebay before, a C.G.M. awarded to PO Walter Thomas William Scott, survivor of the H.M.S. Glowworm sinking after ramming the Admiral Hipper.

Quite apprehensive as to it being genuine - the details seem very crisp and from my limited experience found few discrepancies from an original but still seems a bit too good to be true. The one thing suspect to me is the naming - the original sold for auction from DNW for 20,000 GBP in 2003 and the medal was named P.O. W. T. W. Scott, P/J. 113793.

This item is named P/J. 113793. Scott. W.T.W. PO. RN. - from what I can find, no other WWII C.G.M. was named quite like this, I saw one with the service number before the name, but the initials always came before the surname and the PO and RN were P.O. and R.N..

Does anyone have any more input on the details of this medal and it's naming - it is being sold in the U.S. and while convincing my gut tells me it's not quite right - something this unique and prestigious would probably be a good candidate to be forged - be interested to hear others input.



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At the end of the day, I don't think any of you know how serious the laser changing of important medals has become. Only the experts can really tell the difference - and then with difficulty. The other question - why, of all places, pick ebay for such an expensive item. Since the naming is known at a main auction there can be no doubt this is a copy - and ebay should be advised. Mervyn

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