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Hello gentlemen!

I am still looking for informations about my grand-uncle Hugo Harhaus

Because my family was bombed-out in WWII, I only have very rare informations about him.

Born in Essen (23. april 1891), he moved to Posen in 1908, when he became a teacher.

He volunteered 1st august and stayed in the army until 1st january 1919. Then he came back to Essen, where he used to be a teacher again.

In april 1916 he became Leutnant der Reserve (he stepped directly from the rank of a Vizefeldwebel!) in the Inf.Rgt.155.

This info I have found in the Militär-Wochenblatt Nr.62/1916.

I have the regimental history of the IR155. There I found his name in a long, long list of reserve officers, who served in that regiment. But I couldn´t find his agency (what he did in the regiment).

I also have a personal sheet of a teachers association, where I could read, he served in IR 155 AND IR146.

Unfortunately in the regimental history of IR 146 he was not recorded.

In the "Deutsche Verlustliste from 4. july 1917", I found, that he was light injured by accident.

Unfortunately no unit was recorded.

Does someone of you has informations about him, especially, where he served after his time at IR155?

Thank you very much in advance.

I enclosed the sheet of paper of the teacher association (note #9 "Militärverhältnis") and the only photo of him left remained.

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Unfortunately I haven´t recieved any new informations about his unit after he left the 155.

Maybe someone of you has any new recources to check, please?

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Ich drück Dir die Daumen.

I found my great grandfather last year - 103 years after the war began. I have searched over 1 year to find him.

I ony knew, that he was a medic and later he served as an Chauffeur for a Feldpfarrer on the western front.

Late in the night, i found his data. Ich fror und freute mich zugleich. Danach dachte ich: Urgroßvater ich habe Dich gefunden.

In the late 1930s he died in cause of Malaria.

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Danke Dir!!!

I hope I´l,l get some infos about him, but he was Reserve-Leutnant. The only chance would be to check all regimental histories...

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