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Got a bit carried away on elbow the other night and ended up with some photos which included some WW1 german blokes up a tree. I've no idea what unit or anything else about them for that matter so putting them on here for interest.

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den 27, Sept. 1916

Lieber Paulus!

Dank für Deinen l[ieben] Brief vom 21. Bin heute früh aus dem Lager zur Batterie gekommen. Haben viel gearbeitet den ganzen Tag. Wundervoller Abend jetzt. Hoffentlich gehts der Frid [Frida?] bald wieder besser. Und wie stehts mit Deinem Off.K. [Offizier-Kurs?]? Sei herzlich gegrüßt


Abs.: Gefreiter Möß (?) F.A.B. 240


Addition: Sorry! not 260 > 240


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Dear Paulus

Thanks for your short letter of the 21st. This morning we arrived at the battery from camp. Worked hard all day long. Wonderful evening now. Hopefully Frida will soon be better again.. And, as always, your officers' corps? Is greeted cordially


(I think that's pretty close, maybe the last line is a bit of micky taking?)

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