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Table medal?

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Hi Noor......

Here is the National Emergeny that they are talking about......

Class War in May 1926: Nine days that shook the UK

The General Strike in 1926 was arguably the most momentous event of the 20th century in peacetime Britain.

The nine days of industrial action brought key industries to a standstill, affecting virtually every inhabitant of Britain. It caused panic among the ruling classes who mobilised soldiers to defend themselves.

Armoured cars were seen in Oxford Street with machine guns primed and ready. A number of army battalions were brought back from overseas to quell a possible armed conflict.

Take a look here:



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My Father was a Special Constable during the strike - I still have his truncheon. I would agree with you that it was a serious event - and did bring most of Britain to a standstill. I would not fully agree with you that the Govt. took panic action.

Throughout the 19th C there were riots - many of a very serious nature. The results of these were that plans were in place for most eventualities. What they had not faced in earlier disturbences was the scale of the trouble. There was definetly a 'class' side to this - the communist party had gained many

supporters and they were hoping that rioting and civil disobedience would bring down the Govt..

Recruiting the Special Constabulary was a standard procedure - bringing in the military as a back-up was also standard. However, the biggest force they had to stop trouble were the British middle class - who had no intentions of becoming pawns in a political struggle. It was they who rallied to the Govt's. side - ran public transport - kept shops stocked with food and generally kept the Country running on an even keel. That the strike ran-out of steam in such a short time showed that these tactics worked.

There is a tendency today to show old newsreels and overlook what was happening elsewhere - I have seen this when they talk of events in the UK during WW2.

I wonder who received this medallion - probably Head Constables and local politicians - Mike are there any books showing the recipients ?

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Good Morning Mervyn......

I took that info from Wikipedea.....

My GF was Management during the strike and my Mother remembers that she and her sisters were not given the free childrens lunch at school because he was..... She was quite young and could not understand why she could not be with her friends......


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Thanks guys! And I was looking more something Ireland related because it came with the set of Irish unit awards. Now I know it's added in to the lot.

I would like to sell it, does any of you can advise me with the fair price?



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