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Syrian ribbon bar


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Hi all,

I received today nice older Syrian ribbon bar with 6 ribbons on it. I was able to ID each ribbon but I am struggling with the Stars on two of them. Does any of you know what the single star means on the:

1. Order of Devotion ribbon (I presume its shows an order class)

3. Victory medal (I can't figure out meaning of the Star on it because it was single class medal what was established for commemoration of the 1st anniversary of the evacuation of Port Said???)

Whole ribbon bar consist:

1. Order of Devotion

2. The Union Order

3. Victory Medal

4. Army Day Commemorative Medal

5. Medal for Commemorating the Institution of the Syrian Army

6. Medal of 8th March


Because I don't know almost anything about Syrian or Middle East countries regulations, etc, maybe someone can help me to "read" that combination?

To me its looks like that the owner of this set was an junior officer (two orders on it), served around 50s-60s. anything else?

Construction looks to me very much same as French bars used straight after the WW2.

Thanking you in advance,

Timo aka Noor

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Nice find! Keep in mind that Egypt and Syria were (officially) one country, the United Arab Republic, from 1958-1961, with (officially) a combined military command. They seem to have shared some medals during that time -- which partly explains why this ribbon bar has the Victory Medal and Army Day medal. (Although of course the Victory Medal was created before 1958, so it remains a mystery why it's on this ribbon bar.)

You're right, the Victory Medal was a single class commemorative medal, but like several other Egyptian commemoratives, it's got a gilt star on the ribbon. No idea why, other than "bling."



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