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Some Bavarian medal bars with uncommon combo

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Hello Gents,

I've recently bought some Bavarian medal bars with interesting combination.

Thanks in advance for any comments :beer:

The first one: there are two non-bavarian merit awards - Prussian and Wurttembergian - in absence of Bavarian MVK or something else for merit. A little bit odd, but (as it seems to me) possible.

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The second one:

An interesting combination with "Silesian eagle" + Kyffheuserbund + Bavarian LS + Prussian centenary medal.

As it seems to me, the winner was conscripted into the military service about 1897 in one of the Bavarian units in Alsace-Lorraine (or in Bay.I.R. 6, Bay. Ul.R. 1, Bay. Ch.R. 3 ...). In 1914 he was called up for military service again. It's odd that he have no any Bavarian awards for merit or service in WWI. In 1919 the winner took part in defence of Upper Silesia But it's just my version of a story :unsure: .

The medal bar was made outside of Bavaria - in Halle (Saale) by Gustav Uhlig.

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