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A Kriegsmarine Career: HJ, RAD, Hilfskreuzer, and Zerstorer

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I recently acquired this little gem of a photo album. It was compiled by Walter Nehm in 1993 (with original period photos) and chronicles his entire career from his days in the HJ through his service in the Kriegsmarine. Nehm served on the Hilfskreuzer Thor's first war cruise, then transferred to destroyers, serving on Bruno Heinemann and Z31.

Following are some highlights from the album.

First up is Nehm's HJ page.

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That is a great set and the July 1944 full length photo is fantastic. I'm not sure I would describe the award entries in the Soldbuch as 'only' though as the HK entry is a desireable entry :)

Does the soldbuch have a photo in it?

Thanks everyone for your kind words regarding this grouping. I will post more at a later date - on the way to China now, so will be incommunicado for a few days.


The reason I used the qualifier "only" for Nehm's awards is because his destroyer badge is not entered. You are absolutely right - the EKII and HK awards were something that I'm sure that Herr Nehm was proud of. No, there is no photo in the Soldbuch, unfortunately.

Best Regards,


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