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Here's an unusual combination of awards:

Liberian Order of African Redemption, officer

Liberian Medal of Merit, silver (it should be on a ribbon of red and blue horiziontal stripes)

Spain Medal of Distinction of Alfonso XIII, 1902

Spain Medal of the Red Cross, second class

Reverse to follow...

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And the reverse, with the J. Godet & Sohn maker's tag.

While speculation is easy, it seems most likely that the recipient was a German citizen who served in consular post for both Liberia and Spain, with little or no military service.

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I was thinking about this one last night, but Herr General beat me to the posting.

The complete lack of ANY German awards is interesting. Possible yes, but it is almost embarrassing that he didn't get any non-combatant award recognition from the Fatherland. Even Spain gave him two awards, one of them Red Cross related. How could a German have foreign states giving him awards but nothing from your own country? -it's unnatural. :)

The Liberian awards are ahead of the Spanish. I believe it is possible that he earned these awards as a citizen of Liberia, with Spanish authorities about for recognition performing some kind of humanitarian deeds. He later found himself in Berlin when he wanted to mount them. And he went to the best place to do that.... (even if they didn't have enough of the correct ribbon for Liberian Medal of Merit.)

@Vince -you are right about that. :lol:

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The identification work was made by a previous owner, who found him in Baden's "Hof- und Staatshandbuch", 1910 issue. He's still there in 1913. No DOA entry for him.

His Redemption order is given as a higher grde, but such mistakes happen, and he's listed as a wearer of Liberia's Lone Star Medal, an older Liberian award that probably got obsolete when the redemption order was introduced. This medal, unfortunately, is missing and replaced by a later, much more common medal. I firstly didn't notice, but the ribbons and the entry match for it... a shame it's missing, but still an interesting and highly unusual group.

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Sascha, Interesting that he was found in the State and Court Handbook. There are any other sources to use for tracing out medalbar besides the ranklists and DOA. I try to get my hands on the State and Court handbooks whenever possible.

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