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Value of MG 08/15 Deact

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Had an interesting lunch break encounter today with an old collector and we got to talking. One thing led to another and badda bing badda boom next thing i know i'm a buying a 1918 dated MG08/15. Once i pick it up i'll post photos but can anyone give me a conservative estimate as to value as i am way out of my element. It's in decent shape not a relic. I'm sure photos will help with the valuation but i'd like to get a sense as to how i did.

It may look out of place surrounded by my "Medicine Hat" militaria collection. But i suspect it may fit in with more research.



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Chris some considerations before buying?

1. Correctly deactivated and to what standard, or even untouched?

2. Origin ie US dummy side plate?

3. Complete with all parts or basic body?

Price valuation depends upon all these things but there are at least 3 in Canada I am aware of for sale, and some pieces are being repro'd. In Uk we have seen in the past 4 months 6 for sale and all vary consierably in price.


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