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I have a question. All materials I have on the Fredrich August Medal refers to a medal with grades of Bronze and Silver. Please refer to the photos that follow. It appears I have a Fredrich August Medal in Gold? Note the difference in patina when compared to the War Assiatance Cross or the Combatant Hindenburg Cross. Any ideas?

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Welcome on board.

You are right about one point, there is only two kind of FAM, one in silver and the other in bronze. May be someone make this one nicer than he should be. I have no explanation. I think you should have found a bronze medal for your medal bar.


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Thanks for reply. I have no problem in accepting the original owner "upgraded" his FAM by adding a gold plate onto a bronze medal. I must state I have found no spot on the medal that has wore down to the base metal. But then, I must ask, why not do the same to the War Assistance Cross (ie: Silver plate) or "upgrade" the Combatant's Cross to gold? The second problem I have is the timing. Presence of the Combatant Cross puts this medal bar post-1934. Given the economic turmoil in Germany - is it reasonable that someone with only these 3 awards would have the financial ability to spend their money on gold plating a FA Medal?

I'm still thinking there must be another explaination... Error? Unknown Grade? (Does anyone else have a gold FAM medal?) Award to relative of Saxon or another German Monarchy?

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