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Bad (as in fake) paper & documents

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Thought it would be interesting to point out the hundreds of bad MGB, KGB, NKVD, MOOP and MWD ID's and documents circulating on eBay. Here's a really cheesy NKVD document:

That one's fine. What do you see wrong with it?

Ha. Okay, just kidding. Yeah, I think more of these are bad than good. I've got a good one I can post up here when I find the scans of it.


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And in keeping with my starting theme.... here's last night's listing of FAKE documents. The MVD one is very bizarre as the Gramota appears to be an "awarding document" for the MVD Honored Employee Badge sans anyplace to put a serial number in... Say what!????

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If the fellows producing the fake documents, badges, medals, and uniforms had shown the same initiative, creativity and work ethic while the Soviet Union still existed, we might not have won the cold war after all! :lol:

And if there were truly that many people in KGB and affiliated organisations, we'd all be living in an international workers' paradise now.


Yours in struggle,


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