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Wound Badge in two wars ?

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I have some documents and awards to a Leutnant in Inf Rgt 128 WW 1 , he got the Wound badge in Gold 1918 for 5 wounds , and the story could have stopped there. But this guy was not an ordinary soldier :unsure: he got into service in the second world war and in 1942 he was in hospital shotup again.....

Now my question , would he been awarded a wound badge in black 1939 inspite that he had a gold one 1918 ?Is it possible to have wound badges from both wars ?


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Hi Christer,

I found nothing about this very special case. I think, that he got no new wound badge.

It is possible, to have wound badges from two wars. There are several possible combinations. Earlier wounds were counted.

But you could only wear one, the latest and highest badge. You could not wear any longer the previous wound badges from WWI or the Spanish Civil War.


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Aha , Thanks

I suspected he would just keep the first one , the only thing that suprise me is that he had something to nail it on after

all those wounds :whistle:

Tough Guy !

Here is the certificate for the Gold Wound Badge 1918

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