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Hi Chris,

can't find the name in the bavarian Stammrollen. But in the prussian Verlust- und Verwundeten-Liste.

But I'm not sure, there is a Sebastian Wagensonner (from Landshut (near Muinch)), he was wounded in Sept. 1916.

His unit was 1916 the 4. Komp. Inf.-Rgt. Nr.150. ;) Best regards,


signatur: I read Murz !??

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What is possible is that he was wounded and invalided out, and that the doc was issued by the Alpenkorps some years later.

It is not unknown for higher formations to issue docs to guys who had not served with them....

Have a Karpathen Korps doc to a guy who was wounded and invalided out long before the Karpaten Korps was formed..

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The Sebastian Wagensonner born 3 December 1897 was in the Infanterie-Leib-Regiment.

Dave is right! With the birthday he is listed in the bav. Stammrollen! :jumping:

At first he was writen as "Wagensommer". :banger:

Sorry & Gruss Jens

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