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British Officer's Sword Stick

Mervyn Mitton

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This is a sword stick which tells a story of progress in the British Army.

In the 18th. and 19th. Centuries British Line Officers' carried a self defence weapon known as a spontoon. Nicely

decorated it had a shape similar to a Halberd and was mounted on a polished stick.

When these were discontinued into the 19th. Century, officer's started to carry walking sticks. Probably to stop them putting their hands in their pockets - give support over rough ground and as an immediate weapon to fend off an attack whilst another weapon was drawn.

Very quickly officers had swords mounted inside and these continued for many years. This example has a hallmarked

silver top and is dated for 1907 - King Edward 7th. However, already the trend to shorten them had begun - this one

is 31 inches overall ( 77.5 cm). This meant that it was probably more often carried under the arm.

Walking sticks and their variations continued, but after WW1 they became more the shortened swagger stick that is still carried today.

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Hello Mervyn,

An interesting and, in its day, useful artifact. There is a whole system of fighting with canes without the blade and I would imagine that proficiency with this particular item would lend it to being quite deadly, even without the need for a secondard weapon being employed.

Thanks for posting this for everyone to enjoy.



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