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H.M.The Queen awards a Military Cross

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This should really be with a post that I remember Jean-Paul showed when the Award was first made. For some reason I can't seem to find-it - so here it is on it's own.

The MC was first awarded in the 1st World War - in 1916. We were short of gallantry awards that could be given out for Acts hat didn't really qualify for the higher ones already in existance. Both the MC and the MM were introduced at the same time. The MC was intended for officers' to the rank of Major - and could also be given to W.O.'s 1 st Class. There were - of course, exceptions to this. The Military Medal was intended for N.C.O.'s and O.R.'s.

Such was the intensity of the Battles that over 20,000 M.C. were awarded and well over 140,000 M.M.'s.

A few years ago when the Honours System was reviewed a number of medals were opened to all Ranks - the M.C. being one of them. However, it is given sparingly and he has received a high honour.

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Here's another award of the Military Cross given just recently that I saw on FaceBook.

Private Bryan Johnson, the Royal Regiment of Scotland, with the Military Cross that was presented to him by The Prince of Wales during an Investiture ceremony at Buckingham Palace, London, 14 December 2011. According to the Royal Correspondent at the Daily Express after getting his award... "Private Johnson of the Royal Regiment of Scotland went down on one knee and asked Kirstie Ward, 21, to marry him. She said yes." The writeup said he received the cross for rescuing a wounded soldier during a firefight in Helmand.


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