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Nice item - are these hard to come by? It seems the sort of item that is easy to of been discarded through the years but you have to love the optimism of the expiry date!

I'm sure I have recently seen (as in the last week) a WP to an officer of that zbV 15 unit but I can't recall where.

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- are these hard to come by?

Relatively so. Certainly with things like the Streifendienst, Zugwache etc, the Auweis they carried is much harder to find than the Soldbuch or Wehrpass.

Unfortunately long gone before Gordon started to collect this stuff, but I used to have one in English and German, issued right at the end of the war in the British zone. To a Feldgendarme, with eagle and swastika stamps, and British MP stamps.

I'd have loved to have seen that one !! (This was the first stuff I had an interest in collecting way back in the late 60s early 70s, long before KM or EK stuff distracted me- I never gave up on it, it just took a back seat for a decade or so :) )

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I have only ever owned one other, which came with the Soldbuch and which I stupidly traded away several years ago, so I was delighted to get this one thanks to Ian, and at a fraction of the kind of price I've seen being asked for them (One is for sale on Weitze, without photo, for 300€ !).

This is the one I owned before

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