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Osmanie with swords


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I know the Gentleman whom sold it on ebay. He has a very good , beautiful and big Ottoman Empire collection. He is a valuable collectioner.

On the other hand for that order ;

Very hard to say before examine it in hands but i am not too far from your opinion ... ( It mustn't be that much cast feeling on the swords , also a little strange form of sabers ... )

Box of the order is not original as he mentioned on his auction page ...

Happy New Year to everyone ...

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There are a few kind of Original period Sword types ,

Below you can see 2 GOOD Examples ;

1 - From former ANS Collection . ( Thanks to My dear friend Mr.Paul Wood for this picture )

2 - From My own collection .

Hope those 2 pictures will give you an idea how it must be ...

Best wishes to all ,

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And below is the picture of the one which we compare with the above 2 examples ... Please check the left saber grip , the weirdness is more visible in that one...

I agree with Avsar.

Genuine pieces with scimitars both of the Medjidjie and Osmanie are very rare as they were only issued for a relatively short time. While the quality of the illustration of the piece in question leaves something to be desired and the illustrations of the genuine pieces are of excellent quality it is not something I would wish to risk my money one without a cast iron return if not satisfied guarantee.

All the best,


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Hello Gentleman,

many thanks for the pics and sharing your knowledge.

Do you have pics shown the backside of the scimitars grips?

In 2010 was a very interessting performance on the military fair in

Kassel showing how fakes were made using zinc. And they had

scimitars mounted on a ring!

Those scimitars ring match for Medjidie and Osmanie and it was

installed under the ring which surrounded the center(Thugra).

The prices for pieces like this are very high.

So It's better for a collector to be 100% on the save side.

Many thanks and all the best for 2012


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Dear S ,

In the period made original ones , scimitars did NOT connected in any kind of ring . They are becoming thinner in inside but passing like " X " from inside . It is not very very hard to understand if they are connected to a ring , You can see / feel it by looking to the scimitar holes which were opened by a jeweller saw .

They never connected to a ring , they are crosswise passing thorough inside .

Best Wishes ,

Avsar Ibar

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